Permanent Cosmetics Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but you should select your permanent cosmetic artist with care. You may be able to shrug off a sloppy manicure from your local salon, but with permanent cosmetics you'll feel more confident in the hands of a professional. Beautissima offers a specialist permanent cosmetics service run by Mellissa Brookes. Mellissa is a highly trained Platinum Elite Technician with a sharp eye for detail and the highest standards of hygiene. For her permanent cosmetics aren't a side-line or an add-on service, it's her passion, it's what she does every day – and this is the assurance her clients appreciate.

Before your appointment you will be posted a patch test kit, which will help reveal if you have any sensitivities or allergies to the pigments to be used. This is essential and must be done at least 48 hours before any treatment.

As the name suggests, permanent cosmetics won't wash off at the end of the day, week or year, however the amount of time it lasts varies from person to person dependent on various different factors such as: skin characteristics, use of certain medication, natural skin undertones, personal pH balance of skin (which can vary from visit to visit), diet, alcohol intake and smoking and post treatment care. The intensity of the colour will fade as your skin regenerates, which is why we strongly advise that you come back to Beautissima for a Colour Boost roughly every 6-18 months to restore colour intensity. As Mellissa says "it's important to remember that Permanent Make-Up is a low maintenance not a no maintenance treatment". This is a good thing because as we age, our preferences change and trends change. Over time your permanent cosmetics can change with you.

The tools used at Beautissima are state of the art and highly precise and Mellissa is well-known for being a perfectionist too! She will draw in every hair stoke with the utmost care, define every line meticulously and get every colour as natural as possible - unless of course you want something far more dramatic. Basicially, you are completely in control of the results.

Permanent cosmetics is much gentler than you might imagine (and it's definitely less painful than waxing those sensitive areas). Mellissa's specialist equipment is both delicate, gentle and quiet, with most customers likening the pain to having their eyebrows tweezed.

It's impossible for Mellissa to give you a single reason why people choose permanent cosmetics. Neither can she identify a typical customer. One of the most fascinating aspects of her job is the diversity of her customers in terms of age, career and gender (yes, permanent cosmetics are not just for females, men can benefit from the treatments too). The only restriction is you must be 18 or older and Mellissa has to keep strictly to this. If you are under 18 and desperate to try out a treatment, Mellissa suggests you experiment with temporary alternatives such as HD Brows or LVL Enhance until after you've enjoyed your first legal pint.

Treatment times vary depending on each client, however a typical treatment takes between 2-3 hours so please allow adequate time in your diary before making a booking.

A full assessment of your medical history will be made prior to your treatment. While there are some occasions when people are not suitable for permanent cosmetics due to medical matters, this is fairly uncommon.

Yes, Mellissa will provide you with aftercare instructions and a special aftercare balm to use after your treatment. Looking after your Permanent Make-Up as it heals is not difficult or time consuming, all you will need to do is follow the simple steps given. View Beautissima's Aftercare Advice for more information.

There are no surprises at Beautissima. We'd prefer to be honest with you right from the start. So…

  • Will it be 'wow' immediately?
    Give it a week – yes, but immediately after the treatment the pigment will look a lot darker. This is completely normal and it will fade over a period of 7-10 days. 6-12 weeks after your initial treatment, you'll be invited you back to Beautissima to add a little more pigment to boost the colour.
  • Don't arrange a night out straight after the treatment.
    Permanent cosmetics may be a luxury but they're not like traditional beauty spa treatments. Don't worry, any temporary redness and swelling will soon disappear but you're probably best not to arrange your treatment on the same day (or even a week before) a big event or holiday.

Yes, a consultation usually helps and we can go through everything, in as much detail as you want. But after that, if you're still umm-ing and ahh-ing about permanent brows for example, one thing Mellissa has advised previous customers is to experiment first with HD Brows. It's a lot cheaper and it means Mellissa can perfect the shape and check you're happy and comfortable before going permanent.

Not normally but it really depends on the quality of work that is already there as to whether Mellissa can do anything or not. Some work she unfortunately just won't Colour Boost, some work she will (Mellissa charges a flat rate of £495 for going over other technicians work - her Colour Boost prices are for clients who have paid full price for an initial set of brows) however, many clients who think they require a Colour Boost actually need a complete new shape and colour change due to poor work done previously so this is correctional and would be £595 which is Mellissa's standard fee of £495, plus £100 for the additional work involved. If you email your photo's to Beautissima, Mellissa will be able to give you an idea of whether she can help.

Yes, of course. Make-up is a great way to intensify your look for special occasions. We recommend Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics for the best finish and are happy to discuss this further with you when you book your treatment. The beauty of permanent cosmetics is you’ll no longer feel compelled to reach for your purse when you’re just popping out for a morning coffee with the girls – you’ll wake up with beautifully defined features, looking good and ready to go.

We want to make the whole process at Beautissima as convenient as possible, so offer several different payment methods including;

Sorry, but we do not accept personal cheques as payment.

Just send Beautissima an email and we'll book you in.