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Full Face

Mellissa has clients who have a single facial feature they would like to enhance or correct. Others have a particular pet hate when it comes to their daily beauty regime and are seeking a time-saving solution to their problem. While certain clients have always dreamed of a classic Hollywood starlet style Beauty Spot.

But some of you would say these are simply half measures.

Why stop at one feature when you could have your whole face lifted, perfected and transformed with permanent treatments? Now that's got to be the ultimate glamorous treat! Mellissa has put together two special offers to make a full face treatment even more tempting.

I'm so happy with Mellissa's work - she's so professional and a pleasure to go to. Thank you for your outstanding work today.
Sarah Casey
Mellissa is clearly in love with what she does, and her enthusiasm is infectious, and it makes it such an enjoyable experience!
Lisa Tomkins
There needs to be more than 5 stars for Mellissa. Can't thank you enough for your amazing work!
Gemma Kings
Mellissa was so professional but yet so down to earth & really friendly. Definitely worth the wait, you little superstar!
Tracy Garbutt

What are Full Face Treatments?

We all know achieving a naturally beautiful look is much harder work than it looks. It's one of those unexplained and totally frustrating realities of life. However you can now have a permanently fresh-faced look with that all-important celebrity-style finish, if you choose the Beautissima Full Face option which includes Hair Stroke Brows, Eyelash Enhancement and Eyeliner and a Lip Blush.

Or for The Ultimate in beauty treatments why not treat yourself to our Beverly Hills Full Face treatment. This includes Hair Stroke Brows, Latino Eyeliner and bold Full Colour Lips in a shade of your choice. It's a statement look that will attract real wow factor – right from the moment you wake up.

If you aspire for a low maintenance, groomed look, without any of the time and hassle, these options are perfect for you. By combining the treatments into one package, Mellissa is able to offer a cost-effective route to a full face transformation.

Additional information:

How long does it last?

As the name suggests, permanent cosmetics won't wash off at the end of the day, week or year, however the amount of time it lasts varies from person to person dependent on various different factors such as: skin characteristics, use of certain medication, natural skin undertones, personal pH balance of skin (which can vary from visit to visit), diet, alcohol intake and smoking and post treatment care. The intensity of the colour will fade as your skin regenerates, which is why we strongly advise that you come back to Beautissima for a Colour Boost roughly every 6-18 months to restore colour intensity. As Mellissa says "it's important to remember that Permanent Make-Up is a low maintenance not a no maintenance treatment". This is a good thing because as we age, our preferences change and trends change. Over time your permanent cosmetics can change with you.

The price?

  • £1250
    Full Face (Eyebrows + Eyeliner + Lip Blush SAVING £235)
    Beverly Hills Full Face (Eyebrows + Latino Eyeliner + Full Colour Lips SAVING £235)
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