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We all have preferences when it comes to our lips. Some of us prefer the natural, rosy look, while others feel naked without a glossy slick of red lippy. Mellissa knows all the industry secrets when it comes to creating fuller lips and getting them just the shade you like - permanently - so you won’t have to worry about having lipstick on your teeth.

Not all of us were born with Angelina Jolie's perfectly formed pout. Life's unfair in that way. But don't give up hope. A little bit of permanent cosmetic artistry could give your lips a luscious boost.

One unfortunate side-effect of the ageing process is that you can lose the shape, volume, definition and colour of your lips, but there's no need to resort to pumping them full of collagen. Mellissa can improve the contours of your lips, such as a thin top lip line and give the appearance of a thicker, fuller lip whilst improving the general shape to make them symmetrical as well as producing the look of fillers without the pain of injections! This treatment is equally appreciated by busy mums and career women struggling to find that elusive 'me time' every day.

Whatever your reasons, Beautissima can help make a life-changing difference to your appearance.

Just to say thank you so much for my Lip Blush, I'm over the moon! They are almost completely peeled and are looking great. I HAVE LIPS! Woo hoo!
Carol Harris
Mellissa is very professional and the treatment is superb and virtually pain free. My lips are full and defined - fabulous.
Caroline Kiely
I had a Lip Blush done and I don't have many cosmetic luxuries in my life, but I will religiously save up to go and see Mellissa each year!
Anita Coetzer
Mellissa is an artist in her field and performs her work with perfection. I would not go for this procedure with anyone else.
Jeannette Grubb

What are Permanent Lips?

Using an ultra precise Micropigmentation tool, Mellissa enhances the colour and natural contour of your lips, correcting any uneven lines at the same time to give you a perfect pout, and with no need to carry a lipstick around with you everywhere you go, it makes that daily clutch bag you've got your eye on, an even more tempting purchase.

Please note all pictures were taken immediately after the procedure and will fade to the chosen pigment colour within 7-10 days.

The treatment in detail:

A Permanent Lip treatment is a three-part process that is usually completed in two appointments. This consists of an initial consultation, the treatment itself and a follow-up appointment, all of which are included in the price quoted and are listed in detail below:

The Consultation

Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole, Twiggy or somewhere in between? The Beautissima process starts with a thorough one-to-one consultation. You can either keep your consultation separate from your treatment or, as most clients prefer, you can combine it with your treatment.

You will be asked about the look you want and your reasons for considering Permanent Make-Up; whether it's a fresh face for the school run, a polished look for work or a more dramatic transformation to match your hectic social life. Subtle or celebrity glamorous - it's your choice. Whatever your reasons, you can expect the same expert opinion and honest advice before you commit to any treatment.

All the options will be talked through and the whole process explained, as well as going through a few essential health checks, so you're completely comfortable before starting your treatment. Your trip to Beautissima should be an enjoyable experience so we'll do everything to make it feel that way.

Once a decision has been made, Mellissa will draw on your lips with a make-up pencil and won't start the tattooing process until you are totally happy,

The Treatment

Using a specialist low frequency tattooing machine, Mellissa will gently apply pigment to the skin using very fine needles. There should be little discomfort felt, although you may feel small 'vibrations' as she works. The treatment takes about two to two and a half hours and you will be given breaks should you need them. Initially, the colour of your lips will appear 40%-50% darker than the pigment chosen but this will fade within 7-10 days.

The Retouch

The next part of the treatment is a follow-up appointment which is usually 6-12 weeks after your initial treatment. The reason for this second appointment is to go over the treated area to add more pigment because after healing takes place, there is the possibility that one or two areas might not have held the pigment as well as the rest.

Additional information:

How long does it last?

As the name suggests, permanent cosmetics won't wash off at the end of the day, week or year, however the amount of time it lasts varies from person to person dependent on various different factors such as: skin characteristics, use of certain medication, natural skin undertones, personal pH balance of skin (which can vary from visit to visit), diet, alcohol intake and smoking and post treatment care. The intensity of the colour will fade as your skin regenerates, which is why we strongly advise that you come back to Beautissima for a Colour Boost roughly every 6-18 months to restore colour intensity. As Mellissa says "it's important to remember that Permanent Make-Up is a low maintenance not a no maintenance treatment". This is a good thing because as we age, our preferences change and trends change. Over time your permanent cosmetics can change with you.

How long does the treatment take?

A Permanent Make-Up treatment takes between 2-3 hours.

The price?

  • £450Lip Blush
    £695Full Colour Lips
  • Colour Boost Fees:
    £100Colour Boost within 6 months
    £150Colour Boost within 12 months
    £225Colour Boost within 18 months
    £350Colour Boost within 24 months
    £495Colour Boost within 36 months
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